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Madden Ultimate Team 15 Bundles Giveaway

by Mr. Nobody
Wassup World,
This is our pre-launch giveaway for the Madden Ultimate Team Fans.  You can be the lucky winner of a $20 PSN or Xbox card to use towards your Madden Ultimate Team.  There will be one lucky winner for Xbox and PS.  To win follow the rules below
  1. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/theworldsempire
  2. Follow Us on Twitter- https://twitter.com/theworldsempire
  3. Sign up for the site- http://www.theworldsempire.com/?referral=lamardarby
  4. Post a comment below letting us know what system you are on.
This is the first of many giveaways we have planed for our users.  There is another giveaway going on in our forums for a MUT Card (Xbox One)  http://www.theworldsempire.com/community/topic/mut-giveaways/#post-929 Make sure to check it out

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