Upcoming Destiny Events

With the first weekend after launch almost upon us, Bungie has revealed that the Salvage event in Destiny started today and runs through Sunday, September 14, allowing you to “race the other team to capture and hold relics,” and being rewarded with Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks, and Crucible Reputation in the process.
Bungie Community Manager David Dague talked about their upcoming events in Destiny:

The launch of Destiny marks the beginning of an epic adventure that unfolds over time. To keep you steeped in new challenges and clad in fresh rewards, we have some tricks up our gauntleted sleeves. It’s time to roll them up and share some details about the next missions that will rely on your bravery and your gunfire.

Here’s the list of events Bungie has planned for the near future, including the return of Iron Banner in October:


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