TWE Madden Ultimate Team 15 Weekly Elite Card Giveaway


Wassup World,
Starting today we will be giving away 1 elite card each week.  The card will not be revealed until the day of the giveaway.  To change things up we will be posting a random stat from the card every other day.  This will allow you all to try and guess who he is.  Don’t worry this wont be easy.  Some of these stats might not have anything to do with how well that card plays. Throughout the week we will be giving away random gold cards.  Come back daily to see if you can guess that card.  Each Card Will Be Given Away In Our Forums.  Click the link below and post your guess there.

Click HERE

Check below for some FAQ:
What System Is This Giveaway On?
Right now its only on Xbox One. We will try to add other systems at a later date.
How Long Does This Giveaway Last?
Its weekly. Every Weds we will pick someone that POST/Reply to this to the giveaway in the forum section.
How can I win a Gold Card?
We will randomly pick someone that replies to the giveaway post.
If I guess which Elite Card it is based off the stats can I win?
No. But, If you happen to guess the right elite card first you will have a chance at winning a gold or better card (Badge, TOFW, FBO, BCA, ETC.)
Do I have to check the forums daily to win the elite card?
No. Every other day we will release a stat that is from that elite card. Coming here everyday will just help you win other cards and guess which Elite it is.
How do I know if I win?
Only registered members can have a chance to win cards.  If you win we will contact you from the site.
We will update the FAQ as we get more questions in. Good luck guessing and have fun-

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