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Is the new Sion OP?

by Simitachi


Within the first few weeks of a champion’s rework or a new champion’s release, everybody claims that they are overpowered and need a nerf as quickly as possible. These claims are mostly because we don’t fully know the extent of what the champion does or who counters them effectively so we fight them when we shouldn’t or play bad match-ups into them thinking they’re effective. I did both of those over the last few days against the huge wave of Sion tops and experienced a few bouts of anger in the realization that I kept losing to them when I went into the game thinking I had the lane on lock.

Now let’s take a look at Sion:


Base stats

His base stats don’t jump off the page, he is reasonably squishy early and does pretty good damage with an above average attack speed and average AD for a melee. His defensive and offensive stats scale reasonably normally into the late game like everybody else so there is no need to mess with his base stats.



This is where it gets interesting.

Passive: Probably the most talked about thing with Sion’s new rework.


I feel that my best comparison for it is to a super powered decaying Aatrox ult along with the pre-rework Sion ult with no cooldown. Though there can be ways of avoiding it such as a very mobile champion or just getting so ahead of Sion that he can’t kill you even with his passive, it should be toned down a bit since there aren’t many abilities that are even this strong let alone passives.

Early on in the game, it can be pretty annoying and you have to plan against it accordingly but in a team fight, it can be a pretty vicious ult that can absolutely turn the tide of the team fight since, after killing him, you have to fight a buffed, decaying version of him while fighting his teammates as well.


Nerf or not? Nerf. Add a cooldown.


First ability

An interesting ability, I like that they’re making Sion essentially just a big tanky monster and a tank isn’t a real tank without the ability to CC effectively. This is the tank mainstay ability for him, I imagined if they reworked him into a tankier champ that he’d have a CC ability like this.


Any popular tank features some sort of reasonably easy to hit CC whether it’s Shen, Jarvan, Malphite, or Maokai, they all have a knock up, stun, taunt, etc.

Sion’s is the hardest to hit of the 4 listed above when it comes to maximum effectiveness of it but can be extremely effective with a pretty short cooldown and does decent damage that would be absolutely lovely with a little bit of CDR. After playing against him a few times, it is pretty well choreographed when he’s using it and even shows you when it becomes fully effective. Any sort of mobility dodges this pretty easily but it’s still a slow when cast before any channeling occurs which allows him to somewhat stick to a champion that is attempting to kite him.


Nerf or not? Not.


Second ability

Bringing back Sion’s original shield along with the passive scaling ability of his original E. An incredible combo figuring that the active shield is significantly better for scaling as far as shield strength and shield damage without going heavy AP, really important for the new Sion.


With the rework keeping Sion in the company of Nasus, Veigar, and Thresh as the only champions able to scale infinitely, it helps his late game immensely as well as allowing him to boast an incredible 4,000 health with your average tank build making his shield quite powerful.

His shield makes his early game better and allows him to trade effectively as well as just survive in general in unfavorable lane match ups which helps him stay in lane and farm up his health a bit. In the late game, this ability becomes more focused on the explosive AoE % health magic damage rather than the shield although that shield can be life saving as well as just making Sion that much more of an annoying, practically invulnerable tank.


Nerf or not? Nerf. Bring down the scaling on the shield strength.


Third ability

This is a very interesting ability, I honestly cannot think of an ability similar to this one since this can also push a minion and slow people like that as well. Seems like it would require a bit of skill to use this skill completely effectively which is nice to see on newly reworked champions.


A good ability for the “1 damage item then full tank” build that is seeming to become very popular with the new rework, it gives him a sort of poke but also helps him tremendously with catching up to people and stopping from being kited all over the place. Although it does okay damage, especially if you knock a minion back, the main thing to look at is the 60% slow at rank 5, figuring that this ability (although I am not 100% sure) can hit multiple people, that is really good. Another CC in his kit is tremendous since he has no instant gap closer like most tanks do currently.


Nerf or not? Not.



Probably the funniest ultimate I’ve ever seen as far as League of Legends goes.

You will be literally rolling on the floor laughing when you randomly see an enemy Sion ZOOM right into your lane only to miss you and keep going, it’s happened a couple times already to me and I almost just want to give him the kill for trying.


This type of comedic action will happen less and less as people learn to use Sion’s ultimate effectively but hey, it was fun while it lasted, right?

A very unique ultimate that gives Sion an extreme amount of mobility in a generally single direction with very limited side to side mobility. It gives Sion something that most every other tank has, an engage. It does a surprising amount of damage and has a strong CC that, combined with a fully stacked Q, will decimate a team in a team fight. I really like this ultimate as part of Sion’s new kit as it gives him some play making ability that popular top laners like Maokai, Alistar, and Mundo have with their CC/gap closing ability.


Nerf or not? Not.



I think his new kit will make him significantly more relevant although he will not see nearly as much play as other champions since he is similar to his old kit where he is reasonably kite-able which is not a good thing when you’re generally trying to push your way onto their back line. Tanks that are easily peeled are not all that effective since they don’t present a serious squishy killing ability like many other champions.

He will never be played in the LCS since, like Veigar and Nasus (who we used to see in the LCS but no longer do), they need a lot of farm time to become truly effective and Veigar/Nasus are seriously late game carries while Sion is strong late game but not deadly like those two.

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