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24-Hour Primetime Peyton Manning Hits Ultimate Team Packs

by WhatTheMoose

With his third touchdown pass in last night’s Sunday Night Football game, Peyton Manning passed Brett Farve for the NFL’s All-Time TD pass record with 509.  Peyton will surely reach an even higher milestone, possibly 600, given his current pace.  For his achievement, the developers at EA have created a ‘Primetime’ Peyton Manning that is 97 overall.  Take a look below for key stats of this new item.

Speed: 75

Throw Accuracy: 99

Throw Power: 95

Obviously, this item is the best Quarterback in MUT 15 at the moment, especially because it has 75 speed!  Peyton is notorious for having great throwing ability without mobility.  With this unforeseen speed increase, however, Peyton may actually become a common quarterback in Madden 15 Ultimate Team.  My only concern about Manning’s speed is that a potential Golden Ticket could increase it above 80 and make Peyton a glitch in MUT 15.

Either way, it is nice to see Peyton get a nice award for his achievement.  This item is only in packs for 24 hours for open some pro packs soon if you want a chance at the all-time best touchdown passer!


Source: MUT Head

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