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How to get lots of MT in Domination!

by chitownhero_


If you are struggling to get enough MyTeam points in your domination games to get 3 Stars, no worries! There are lots of ways to get your MyTeam Points through the roof! Here are a list of ways to earn big points!

Assists – Make sure you try and get as MANY assists as possible, even when on a Fast Break, and its 2 on 0, just getting an assist gets you an Extra 4 MyTeam Points! Doing these on a Fast break with a dunk can lead to 13 Point Plays

Post Moves – If you pass to someone into the Post, and make a post move, such as a post hook or post fadeaway, you can get up to 11 Points depending if the Assist counts!

Rebounds, Blocks, And Steals – Playing very tight defense on your opponents, and forcing them to shoot at the buzzer, forces endless opportunities for Rebounds, Blocks, And Steals, which all give you 6 Points!

All these Tactics can help get up to over 800 Points easily! More Tips and Tricks and 2K News in general will be coming your way very soon! Now go grind out some Domination!

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