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WWE 2K15 My Career Broken?

by TheTexasBoy91



So….. WWE 2K15 My Career is broken? Yeah, um how does that happen? I picked up WWE 2K15 a couple of days ago expecting to trot out my Wrestler Repo Man, A finisher stealing superstar that performs the opponents signature move on them and reposes it until they beat him in a match. I know a pretty cool gimmick. I spend one hours creating my character from scratch, importing logos, going through all the customization with hair, attire, skin color, piercings and tons more and spend 2 hours creating Repo’s move set and entrance and I go to import my character into the My Career and the game crashes. At first I thought it was my Xbox since I have had other games that I play crash mid gameplay. So I try and import for the second time and again it crashes. Soooo I try again for a third time and it crashes again. And I try again for a fourth time and it is then I realize that the My Career is broken. Yeah imma genius deal with it. So I do what any normal person would do to find out why this mode isn’t working and I search it up on twitter and it is unknown on why the My Career is broken but from what was being reported by @SamitSarkar a writer for Polygon.com the recent 4.2 gig update had something to do with the breaking of the My Career because it was working fine before they released that update. It is unknown when this problem will be resolved but the 2K devs are well aware of the issue and working on fixing it. I hope it will be fixed soon so I can get Repo Man’s Career started and start Move Jacking some fools. I even have this amazing catch phrase, “You Just Got Repo’d…. Man” It’s perfect and now it will have to wait until this is fixed. Game hasn’t been out a week and one of the main attractions is already broken. Not a good sign



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