Week 15 Football Outsiders Announced – Madden 15 Ultimate Team

The NFL regular season is nearing it’s conclusion and many teams are still fighting for the playoffs.  Week 15 was surely interesting and the fellas over at Football Outsiders have crafted another great content drop for Madden 15 Ultimate Team.  Check below for the five new players coming this Friday.

Note: check below a player’s name to see their projected overall based on previous items in this year’s game.

24 Hour Hero: Dez Bryant (WR, Dallas Cowboys)

Projected Overall: 96, Elite (previous high: 93)

Andrew Whitworth (LT, Cincinnati Bengals)

Projected Overall: 91, Elite (previous high: 88)

Stephon Gilmore (CB, Buffalo Bills)

Projected Overall: 85, Gold (previous high: 81)

Johnathan Hankins (DT, New York Giants)

Projected Overall: 86, Gold (previous high, 82)

Gerald Hodges (LOLB, Minnesota Vikings)

Projected Overall: 84, Gold (previous high: 64)


The overall ratings of each player will be unknown until Friday morning when these items are put into packs.  Let us know in the comments if you are excited for any of the new Week 15 Football Outsiders!


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Source: Football Outsiders



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