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Whats Inside The Box? M15 Ultimate Freeze

by chitownhero_

Its almost time for some of the gifts to open, lets take a look at every gift so you can maybe change your mind on keeping or moving any of your gifts (All gifts open either 1/15 or 1/16

Flashback Gift – Red gift with a Flashback logo on the top. – Could be either a Flashback Pack itself or maybe a player as we saw with the Flashback 96 OVR Steven Jackson.

“34” Gift –  Rumored to be a Throwback QB Walter Payton from M25. First rumors spread that it was Ghost Thurman Thomas from M25, but Thurman Thomas himself said he was not in this years game.

Lions Gift – Rumored to be either a FS Calvin Johnson from last year or maybe a Ghost Reggie Bush, high risk/reward with that gift.

Steelers /100 Gift –  Rumored to be a Jerome Bettis

Chiefs /250 Gift – Said to be a Derrick Thomas Ghost from M25, but could also be a throwback to an old Chiefs player

Carboard Gift with Orange Ornaments /250 – It has the same tape as the Throwback Kiko Alonso, so it seems this one is a valued Throwback player. Highest Rumors say that it could be either 94 Overall Johnny Manziel or 97 MVP Forte from M25

Lime Green Seahawks Gift – 5 Presents so could be a 5 Pro Pack Bundle or maybe just 1 Pro Pack

Big Blue Seahawks – The other Seahawks gift should be packs so maybe we can see a player out of this one?

Lime Green Polka Dot – Said to be a Football Outsider gift. So may contain a Football Outsider from any week

White Gift with Green Ribbon – TOTW Gift –  Shows TOTW logo on bottom right corner, most likely a TOTW item from any week.

White Box with Stars – Coin Reward

White Box with Pink Ribbon – Coin Reward

Red Gift with White Polka Dots – Badge Gift

These are all the gifts, hopefully these suggestions give you an idea what to do.

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