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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Read | Madden 15 Ultimate Team & Buying MUT Coins

by TheTexasBoy91

Hello members to TWE! Have you read this article posted my EA in regards to Madden Ultimate Team and the why the purchasing of MUT coins is bad? If you haven’t you can find the article here. So while I was reading this article I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to myself while I drink my morning cup of tea. The amount of fallacies and half-truths that were in the article were staggering and to anybody that has played MUT for a long time knows that what was posted was not accurate and borderline untruthful. Let us discuss their first point shall we. They say that the buying of MUT coins raises auction prices. Now this point without context is true. When you buy coins you can afford to buy the players you want off the auction block therefore the prices rise. But this works both ways. A guy who grinds solos out and has a ton of coins can also raise auction prices. This doesn’t shift the economy as they say in favor of coin buyers but this shifts the power to the card seller because he is getting coins either way. This also implies that coin sellers are the only ones sniping cards which in fact is also not true. Their second point is that is slows your progress. Again without the proper context this is true but again also works both ways. If you buy coins it speeds up your progress. Instead of spending 2 hours grinding out the solo challenges or h2h seasons to make coins or buy pro packs and get cards that have no value, you can spend more time working on completing sets or improving your team. Again this is another fact but because of the context they frame that point in it is not 100 percent valid. Their third point is that it unlevels the playing field. And this one is a bit tricky because yes this is true because the coin buyers are tilting all the math in their favor. It’s also funny they believe that buying packs levels the playing field when packs odds are the worst they have been in 2 years. But yanno what also creates unlevel playing fields? The amount of people who IP boot, DC Glitch or Freeze Glitch to win games online unlevels the playing field and they do not seem to be addressing this issue anytime soon because it doesn’t affect the packs being bought and the money being spent. The worst part is that they force you to play H2H seasons in order to complete certain sets but they are worried about coin sellers because that is what actually affect their bottom line. The coin selling and buying in my OPINION is really not that big of a deal. Honestly the coin sellers and buyers are smart and innovative individuals. Now the rest of the points made in that article are true, it is against the rules, personal info can be stolen and you can be banned. There is no denying buying coins is a shortcut, it is breaking the rules, but if you don’t like a rule, break it, but you have to deal with whatever the consequences if you are caught breaking that rule. In the NCAA it is against the rules for a coach to buy his player(s) a hamburger from MacDonald’s. Not because the NCAA is in favor of keeping kids hungry which some may argue that they are but their excuse is that it will create a recruiting advantage better known as an unlevel playing field. Just because it is a rule doesn’t mean it is always correct.

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