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Dragon Ball Xenoverse digital pre order DLC FIX for Xbox One

by Markthe619

So for those who have bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse for next gen a lot of people have been experiencing issues receiving their DLC for the game digitally. For Xbox One users there is a fix that will help you get your pre order content working in no time.

so the first thing you will need to do is go into your my games and apps on your Xbox One and look for your Dragon Ball Xenoverse game press the start button on your controller and go to manage game. Once in there you will see an extra copy of the game is ready to download, that copy host the DLC on it, so start to download that copy and you can delete/uninstall the old copy from your hard drive. Once the game is finished installing just start it up and all your pre order DLC will be available.

Hopefully you guys find that helpful and if you have any questions contact me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/markthe619

What is the Pre Order DLC ? 

  • Playable Character SSJ 4 Vegeta¬†
  • Gold and Silver Sayian armor with attribute boost


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