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WWE Immortals (WWE Outside The Box) Update: Stone Cold And Macho Man!

by Mr. Nobody
This is the first time I heard of this game.  I have watched some videos on it and it seems to be a mix of WWE and Mortal Kombat.  If you are a wrestling fan and want to try something out side the box I suggest giving WWE Immortals a try.  -Available Apple Store and Google Play
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WWE® today announced that WWE Immortals™ for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices will now offer two new characters – Macho Man Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin – along with an all new Events System.
These new characters mark the second wave of additions to the WWE Immortals™ roster since the game’s launch in January 2015, following the recent introduction of Superstar Randy Orton in February. WWE Immortals™ will continue to add new playable characters to its existing roster with an unveiling of additional WWE Superstars every month.
Both of the new characters for March 2015 will be available in two variations, including:
·         Macho Man Randy Savage – Renegade
·         Macho Man Randy Savage – Macho King
·         Stone Cold Steve Austin – Icebound Watcher
·         Stone Cold Steve Austin – Texas Rattlesnake
The new Events System provides even more opportunities for players to interact within the game and with each other. It will kick off with a weeklong series of in-game events surrounding WrestleMania 31. Starting today, 26th March through 2nd April, the Event will take over the WWE Immortals™ main screen and Online Battle screens. Players who place in the top of the Leaderboard during the Event Week will have an opportunity to win an exclusive WrestleMania 31 Four-Star Gear, or an exclusive WrestleMania 31 Two-Star “Ticket” Gear, both of which will only be offered this week. The Special Daily Quests throughout the week will all reflect WrestleMania 31 matches and themes.


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