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MLB Perfect Inning 15 Spring Season Signups Now open

by Mr. Nobody
MLB Perfect Inning fans can start preparing for the 2015 season by registering for the game’s Spring Season Signups, open now through April 10, 2015. Players who sign up will be able to redeem a Signature Package when MLB Perfect Inning is updated to MLB Perfect Inning 15 on April 14, 2015.   Sign Up Here —–> MLB Perfect Inning
The 2015 season update will feature San Francisco Giants starting pitcher and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner as its cover athlete, as well as the following improvements:
  • Renewed Movement and Graphics: With base lead offs, jumping catches, and diving catches, players can shine on the bases and in the outfield. The game will also have a graphical overhaul, including a total of 420 modeled players and 252 motion-captured players that accurately depict the appearance and movements of real athletes.
  • All-Star Game: Just like in the MLB season, players will be able to compete in the MLB All-Star Game. Based on the stats from the in-game season, the best players will compete in the midsummer classic to earn home field advantage in the World Series.
  • Spectator Mode: Players can sit back and relax as they toggle between three camera views and fully enjoy the game’s smooth graphics. Spectator Mode, coupled with commentary by renowned sports commentator Joe Buck, makes playing MLB Perfect Inning 15 like watching an actual ball game.
  • Free Agent System: The Free Agent system allows players to acquire their favorite baseball stars by bidding on them and presenting their best offers.
  • Player Collection and Index: As players increase the sizes of their collections through standard and free agent drafts, they will receive Player Collection rewards. Additionally, the newly implemented Player Index will give users access to all of their players’ stats.

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