60 Seconds! Coming To Steam May 25th (Video)

I’m really looking forward to this game.  I hope each item you pick up really has an impact on the way you survive underground.  I also hope they provide updates like: More people, different items in the house, changes in moods from the family members, ETC.
In 60 Seconds! you play as Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man faced with some slightly troubling news causing “minor disruptions” to your otherwise happy and laid back, suburban lifestyle. THE NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE is upon you …

With only 60 seconds! to impact, you task is to guide Ted through a mad, intense and action-packed dash through his house in search of his family and useful supplies. Everything is against you, especially time, and even your furniture has a habit of rearranging itself each time you play. What will you bring and what will you leave behind? Whom will you save? Anyone? The decisions are yours, and yours alone … Reaching your fallout shelter is just the beginning, and staying alive is an entirely different matter. Each survival story will be different, and each day offers unexpected turn of events and surprises. Hurry and gather food, water and other supplies while you can, as difficult decisions and choices lie ahead. What will you do when supplies run out? Unless mutant cockroaches are on the menu, the wastelands await and is yours to explore.

Can you survive the apocalypse?

60 Seconds! on Steam™ (Available May 25th 2015).


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