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Halo 3 ODST Gets Release Date For Halo The Master Chief Collection

by Markthe619

FINALLY! Halo the master chief collection will be getting Halo 3 ODST this Friday (May 27th). The official Xbox website has Halo 3 ODST currently listed for a release on the 27th and will be around 8.1GB download size. People who purchased the Master Chief Collection between Launch day to December 19th will be receiving the game for free as a thank you to those players who had to deal with the MCC multiplayer problems from that time period. Xbox has not yet released a statement on when people will be able to actually purchase the game and how much it will cost (For those who did not originally buy the MCC during the launch time period)

Even now the MCC is still suffering from server issues with matchmaking taking upwards of 15 minutes just to find a game. Although 343 studios has been working on fixing the issues with constant updates/ patches to the game, there are worries that ODST will suffer from the same problems that plagued the MCC at launch. will just have to wait till friday for final verdict on how ODST will do.

I myself cant wait to play ODST on friday and see how it looks on next gen and see how it compares to its Xbox 360 counter part. are you going to download ODST for the Xbox one ? let us know in the comment section down below!


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