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Killing Floor 2 Early Access Update!

by Mr. Nobody

KILLING FLOOR 2 is available now on Steam.

In celebration of KILLING FLOOR 2’s successful Steam Early Access launch in April, Alan Wilson and Mark Hayler will reprise their infamous voice roles as in-game “classic” loyalty characters, Masterson and Briar for those fans who already own the original KILLING FLOOR game. Also, a fan-favorite feature of the first KILLING FLOOR returns. Now sprinkled throughout the maps in KILLING FLOOR 2 are ITEM HUNTS. Embark on the hunts and collect all of the new 8 achievements featured in the update!
Patch Details:
·         New map: Volter Manor
·         Added collectable items and related achievements to all 4 existing maps
·         Numerous fixes to cosmetic issues and map exploits in Biotics Lab, Burning Paris and Outpost
·         Added 2 new characters for owners of the original KILLING FLOOR: Classic Briar and Classic Masterson
·         Improved XP barks on player HUD
·         Added “Killed by” messages on HUD
·         Voice comms select on close instead of requiring a mouse click
·         Update bugsplat to give us more information, which may add a delay when submitting
·         Added a clientside filter for full servers (in addition to server-side)
·         Increased the EndOfGameDelay to 15 seconds
·         Fixed unintended extra applications of Field Medic’s Armament and Vaccination buffs when using Medic Grenades
·         Slowed down AI movement speed slightly in HOE
·         Crash fix for servers that have improperly set up server actors
·         Fixed issues when connecting to passworded servers via command line and Steam invites
·         Fixed some FX not being affected by night vision goggles when motion blur is enabled



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