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New NBA 2K16 Jordan Edition With Exclusive Add Ons

by Markthe619

His Airness, number 23, Michael Jeffery Jordan will be gracing the cover for a special edition of 2K’s NBA 2K16. the special edition is simply called the Jordan edition. By pre ordering this edition which will run you an extra $20 bringing the total to $79.99 before tax, you will receive the following in game content


  • Jordan NBA 2K16 Poster (Most likely a poster version of the new cover with MJ on it)
  • Jordan Fathead Wall Cling
  • Digital Jordan shoes for your MyPlayer
  • Digital Jordan T-shirt for your MyPlayer
  • Digital Jordan jersey for your MyPlayer
  • 30,000 VC!! (HOLY BLEEP)
  • MyTeam VIP+ : 3 Emerald packs and a new special edition exclusive moments card (Hint a new cards this year maybe ?)

Me personally i do believe this is worth the extra twenty dollars, the VC is worth $10 dollars going off last years prices and if you add the cost of the packs, poster and fathead, you are getting your moneys worth from that stand point, but will 2K deliver on its gameplay issues ?

NBA 2K16 is available for Xbox one, PS4, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

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