E3 2015: Madden 16 Interview With Seann Graddy

Ok Madden Fans!  Here it is my first interview at E3 2015.  The first booth I visited was EA and it was amazing.  This was such a unreal moment for me and I really enjoyed the staff over at EA.  As a fan of Madden it was extremely fun talking to Seann about the game.  I was able to find out more about the binder off the record.  “Giving you a bigger binder might not help the issue if you still continue to full it up.  Lets find more uses for the cards you have now-”  I totally agree with them on that.  It doesn’t matter if the binder is 1200 or 5000 I might still full it up.  Over all this was a great interview and I would  like to thank EA for taking the time to talk to me and allowing me to test out their game.