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E3 2015: Astro Gaming Interview With Thaddeus Cooper

by Mr. Nobody
Wassup World,  E3 is over with, but it’s never to late to share information on good products.  Here is a interview I did with Thaddeus Cooper from Astro gaming.  In this interview he talks about the new products from Astro gaming and why you should give there headsets a try.  I had to chance while I was there to test out there headsets while watching a video.  After watching this video for 2 minutes I forgot I had the headsets on.  Overall I really enjoy the Astro gaming headsets.  The sound quality is great and they feel amazing on my head.  For more information about their products and social media please check the links below.


“Headsets are so comfortable you will forget that they are on your head”
“What would you say to gamers that are still undecided about getting Astro gaming Headsets?  Try them one”

ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment for pro gamers, core enthusiasts and their lifestyles-

For More Info- http://www.astrogaming.com/

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