EA Games and Comcast Partner to create Streaming Service

EA and Comcast announced a partnership in the form of “Xfinity Games powered by EA,”  which is a game streaming service for the Comcast’s X1 set-top box which is currently installed in 5 million homes. The service will be marketed to families who want quick, and easy access to gaming on their couch.
The website Reuters talked about this partnership a year ago, and the production of this partnership could have been in the works for the last three years. So, in the end, what is this service? It is stated that this will combine game playing with TV, Smart Phones, and Tablets.
The beta is launching with 23 games, including:
  • Real Racing 2
  • EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 13
  • NBA Jam on Fire Edition
  • Plants VS. Zombies
  • Peggle Nights
  • Word Whomp Underground
  • World of Goo
EA’s VP of marketing Katrina Strafford stated “We are launching our beta, and it will include 20 games, most of which, but not all, are from EA. We have relationships with publishers across the industry and it’s absolutely something we’ll explore more as we get feedback from players about what they’re liking, what games are really making sense for them in this medium and we’ll learn and go from there.
When asked by the website Polygon about brands, Katrina Strafford continued “We’re taking EA’s brands and making games and experiences specifically for this new audience that we think we can reach in partnership with Comcast on the X1. These games are made specifically for this platform and for this service. So whereas some of the games we may bring to EA Access are console games that maybe were in development for a year or two, these are games that are made specifically for this platform and not on that kind of cycle. So I think that gives us some of that nimbleness to react to what this new audience is finding most interesting.
So in short, no, this is not for big name EA created games. This looks to be a service for mobile/tablet games, and even games designed specifically for the service. Pricing has not been decided as of yet. Yet, Comcast seems to be leaning towards an added subscription pricing structure. When it comes to controllers, there will be not official controller for the service. It will use your tablet, or smart phone to control the action. Since it is a streaming service, this will count towards your data plan if you have one.
EA, and Comcast has stressed that this is designed for a family market. To give families a way to play casual games right on their couch, and no need for a dedicated gaming system. The games will be designed for casual play, and the library will be limited for the time being.
Do you have a Comcast X1 set-top box, and want to try the beta? Go to http://www.xfinity.com/xfinitygames and hit the Sign Up button. Just know, there is a wait list and you may have to wait for approval.




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