NBA2K16 Boombox #BeTheStory Details: Unboxing Videos From YouTubers

Wassup World!  Today 2K Sports mailed out special boxes to some of their fans around the world.  This box contained a boombox and 3 custom mix tapes.  These tapes represents the 3 DJ’s that will be featured on the NBA2K16 soundtrack.  The soundtrack will feature DJ Premier, DJ Khaled and DJ Mustard along with special mixes of Around The World and 2K classics.  2K didn’t want the rest of their fans to feel left out so they created a Spotify for you to listen to all the tracks online, phone or tablets.  Here is a link so you all can enjoy the new hot tracks from these DJ’s —> #BeTheStory.  We also took the time to find all of the amazing unboxing videos that were posted today.  Let us know what you think about these amazing boomboxes.


NBA 2k16 – Official Soundtrack Playlist BoomBox Unboxing Videos!

Note:  If we left out any YouTubers unboxing video please notify us on twitter @TheWorldsEmpire.  We want to share all of these amazing videos.  Thanks


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