Rising Thunder Announces Open Alpha

Rising Thunder is an upcoming project from the long-time fighting game advocate Seth Killian, and the team responsible for the creation of the popular netcode GGPO. Yet, this is not your normal fighting game. First, this game – as of this posting – will only appear on PC, it will be free-to-play when it releases, but most importantly it is designed for everyone to compete right away. The game is actually designed for keyboard use, but you can use a game-pad or arcade stick if you have them.

So, how can this be done? No complex motions to complete special moves. The game controls via keyboard very easily. You use the traditional WSAD keys to control moment. As for attack buttons, you use the JKL and UIO keys. The JKL keys controls light attack, medium attack, and hard attack. The UIO keys controls a special move that has a short cool-down between uses. The ; key is to throw, and when you have have meter built up you hit Space Bar to do your Ultra Attack.

Learning how each character moves, what certain attacks do, and when to use them is very easy to learn. Each character has a very unique style to them. Even if you’ve never played a fighting game – it will not take you long to learn, and even possibly win a few fights. This doesn’t mean there isn’t depth. Beneath this simple style is a very deep fighting game. As you rank up, and learn how to play – you really get to see this game shine.

So, get the game now! The link below is to register for the alpha!



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