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How To Upgrade A Standard PS4 Hard Drive To A Seagate SSHD (Video)

by Mr. Nobody
Hello World!  We have been searching throughout the internet looking for ways to upgrade our gaming systems and we found this hidden gem.  The Seagate SSHD will make the PS4 run faster, smoother and provide more memory space (1TB SSHD).  In the above video our friend Ipodkingcarter shows you how to safely install the Seagate SSHD into your PS4.  Below you will find more information on the Seagate SSHD.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter because we will be giving away one real soon.


Boot Faster! Load Faster! Shoot Faster!
  • Easy Playstation® or laptop upgrade saves time and improves productivity
  • Hybrid drives fuse the blazing speed of SSD with the high capacity of a hard drive
  • Performs up to 5× faster than a traditional 7200-RPM HDD
  • Add capacity without adding complexity to get more from your PC, Mac, tablet or game console


SSHDs utilize Seagate Adaptive Memory technology to deliver SSD-like performance. Both Seagate testing and independent reviews demonstrate consistently that Seagate Laptop and Mobile SSHD performance compares favorably to SSDs without sacrificing capacity for cost.

For More Info —> http://www.seagate.com/


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