YouTube Gaming Launches Tomorrow

YouTube Gaming – YouTube’s answer to the video game live streaming service Twitch TV – is set to launch tomorrow according to many reports. YouTube Gaming was designed specifically to challenge Twitch TV in the video game streaming market. It recently conducted a limited beta in which they invited large gaming focused YouTube Channels and Websites. So far, the responses have been mixed. Yet, YouTube Gaming will make for a serious competitor to Twitch TV with its very presence.
YouTube Gaming touts that their service will enable many gaming channels to stream, and upload pre-recorded content all in one place. Content creators will be able to organize their content by game, and category. According to YouTube Gaming, this will increase the exposure of many channels across the board. Which at the time of this writing remains to be seen. YouTube Gaming is actually a separate website with hooks into the main part of YouTube. I’ll do a full report once I get into the release of the site.
If you want to experience YouTube Gaming, make sure you click HERE to sign up for a notification when the service goes live. So, will you try YouTube Gaming? Let me know in the comments!



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