New Nintendo 3DS Comes to the U.S in a Bundle

When the Nintendo 3DS first launched there were two main versions. The standard Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo 3DS XL version. It sold very well, but then Nintendo released its revision called the New Nintendo 3DS. While Japan, Australia, and Europe got the standard and XL versions – the United States only received the XL version. Nintendo stated at the time that the New Nintendo 3DS XL was a more popular model in comparison to the smaller standard model in the United States. Yet, as with everything, people clamored for the standard New Nintendo 3DS in the States. Well, your wait is over…kind of.
Today, Nintendo announced a new bundle. This bundle will include the game Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, two cover plates for the New Nintendo 3DS, an Amiibo Card, and the standard edition of the New Nintendo 3DS. This package is slated to be available September 25th. The bundle will cost $220 USD at launch.
Perhaps this is a sign that the standard size New Nintendo 3DS is coming to the United States? Until that gets announced, the only way you can get the United States standard edition of the New Nintendo 3DS is through the Animal Crossing Bundle.



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