Mega Man May Come to Theaters

You read that right! The Blue Bomber may be getting the big screen treatment!
Details were released that 20th Century Fox, and Chernin Entertainment have already started development on a Mega Man movie. At this time, details on the movie are currently not known. I would be cautious about this, because even though development has started, it is not uncommon in the film industry to cancel production during these early stages.
So, who is going to oversee this film? Well, it is actually a group who have some success under their belts. David Ready and Michael Finfer are overseeing, and Peter Chernin is producing the film. These gentleman have worked in the past on the Planet of the Apes films. Which are pretty good movies. The challenge is if they can translate the adventures of Megaman – Rockman in Japan – to the big screen.
So, do you think they can create at least a watchable movie based on the gaming icon? Let me know in the comments!



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