Report: Konami to Cease all Triple-A Game Production Except for Pro Evolution Soccer

A report has come out that Konami has ceased all Triple-A game production. With the one exception of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. At this time, Metal Gear Solid has no plans for any sequel on PC or any major console platform. This follows the sudden departure of Julien Merceron, who was Konami’s worldwide technical director. The French website Gameblog reports that one of the reasons for Merceron’s departure was Konami’s sudden focus on the mobile games market.

This report has not been confirmed by Konami, and will update if any changes in the story happen.

This departure is coming right after the very public departure of famed game director Hideo Kojima. Creator of the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be the last game directed by him, and according to reports there is no Triple-A Metal Gear title in the works. Konami does retain the sports branding license for at least one more Pro Evolution Soccer title using real leagues, and club teams. Which has been reported that they will honor with at least one more Pro Evolution Soccer title on the consoles.

Konami in the last few months has been under fire by the gaming community, and some business groups for their sudden shift in direction. The Nikkei recently did a report on the strict work environment Konami has created for employees. This has not deterred the leadership at Konami, and profits for the last quarter were up. Especially in their mobile games division.

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