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RPG Maker MV Now Available for Pre-order

by DBFig
If you ever wanted to create your own RPG, but didn’t know how – well RPG Maker MV is now up for pre-order. Plus, for a limited time you get 10% off the cost of the game if you pre-order on Steam. Click HERE┬áto go to the Steam page.
RPG Maker MV is the successor to RPG Maker VX Ace (one of the highest selling software titles on Steam). It provides many new enhancements and features including:
  • Mac Support: You can now create RPGs on the Macintosh!RPG Maker MV Mac OS and Multiplatform
  • Multiple Device Deployment: You can now release your RPG Maker Games on the following platforms:
    • Windows (EXE)
    • MacOSX (APP)
    • Android (APK)
    • iOS (IPA)
    • HTML5 for Web Browsers
  • Battle Modes: You can now choose to use either the classic Front View, or the heavily requested and more modern Side View battle system.RPG Maker MV 2 Battle Systems
  • Mouse & Touch Input support: Tired of playing your game with a keyboard? You can now play your RPG via touchscreen or mouse.
  • LARGER Database : Support for twice as many items as VX Ace for a grand total of 2,000
  • THREE Layers for drawing complex maps, with an intuitive interface that automatically selects the correct layer for you.RPG Maker MV Create Your Own World
  • Higher Screen Resolution: With all assets being made 1.5 times larger, the default resolution is increased to 816×624, allowing for more detailed games.RPG Maker MV Premade Assets
  • Complete English Support, community and forums!
The pre-order starts September 30th and will run until the game launches on October 23rd.
In addition to a 10% discount, people who preorder will also receive 2 brand new resource packs free:
The Cover Art Characters Pack
For the first time in RPG Maker history, an official set of resources featuring RPG Maker MV cover art characters is available! Featuring a brand new main party and brimming with bonus material, this pack includes the essentials to build the perfect character party.
The Essentials Add-On
From expertly-composed original music to clever tileset add-ons and emotion-packed character facesets, this pack includes material that enhances the standard RPG Maker MV resources and really lets your projects shine.
The last RPG Maker was a great toolset that I personally tried a few times. If you ever wanted to create your own RPG it is hard to find a better toolset to learn from.


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