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Far Cry Primal Announcement Leaked??

by DBFig
Looks like the big announcement that Ubisoft was teasing all day may have been accidentally leaked by the Turkey IGN Twitter account. We don’t have much to go on right now, but I will update this page as more information comes in. Currently a live stream is happening where you just see a cave drawing. Yet, the Twitter account ‘IGN Turkey’ announced the name, and a photo. If true, perhaps this is the new Farcry, or simply a spin off like Blood Dragon. The full announcement will hopefully come from Ubisoft very soon.
UPDATE 1: According to sources relaying information to Kotaku – Far Cry Primal will take place during the Ice Age. So expect to fight woolly mammoths, and saber tooth tigers. Possibly a dinosaur depending on how loose they get with time.

Capture 2


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