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PlayStation 4 Gets Official Price Drop

by DBFig
Sony announced today that the United States, and Canada will get the often rumored permanent price drop. The system will be available for $349 USD in the US and $429 CAD in Canada, and will apply to all the upcoming holiday bundles. Don’t go rushing out right now to buy a PlayStation 4 bundle since the price drop will be rolled out over the next couple days. The first official bundle to get the drop will be the PlayStation 4 with the Nathan Drake Collection. Once that bundle goes live, the rest will follow in suit.
Target leaked the price drop on their website a few days ago, so many knew it was coming. So, not a fan of Nathan Drake? No worries, they are a few more bundles that will get a drop too. Yet, not as much. You have the Star Wars Battlefront for $349 , the Disney Infinity bundle is for $399. Most likely the two most wanted bundles the Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Limited Edition bundles have both been dropped to $429. Yes, that means that the Call of Duty and that Darth Vader Special Edition bundles only got a $20 drop.


Many speculated that the price drop was coming. Only a few weeks ago Japan saw a price drop in the PlayStation 4, and many felt the PlayStation 4 would get one in the United State/Canada very soon. It makes sense since the Xbox One is selling steadily in the United States, and has been at the $350 price point for quite some time. It was time for Sony to make a move.
So, do you have plans to get a PlayStation 4 now? Let me know in the comments!



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