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Seven Classic D&D PC Games Now Available on GOG.com

by DB Fig
If you loved the classic PC D&D games from Krynn, Dark Sun, and Ravenloft series – you’re in luck! GOG.com now has them available. I was always partial to the Dark Sun series, and may pick that up for myself. They were very different, and great games. So, what do you get with each series?
The GOG.com Dungeons & Dragons story continues with three packs containing seven, long lost RPGs making digital premieres.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft Series – featuring Strahd’s Possession, Stone Prophet.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Krynn Series – featuring Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, The Dark Queen of Krynn.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun Series – featuring Shattered Lands, Wake of the Ravager.
The VP of GOG.com’s Business Development and Operations was very excited for this announcement. Stating, “The missing pieces of cRPG history are coming back together. Whether it’s the legendary Forgotten Realms, the extensive world of Krynn, the broken Dark Sun universe, or the gothic realm of Ravenloft – we’re excited to be a small part of it all.
GOG.com previously released a collection of 12 D&D: Forgotten Realms classics, and it’s thanks to a continuing cooperation between GOG.com and Wizards of the Coast that seven more Dungeons & Dragons titles return – All fully compatible with modern systems.
Are you a big PC D&D Fan? Will you pick these up? Let me know in the comments!


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