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Rocket League Announces Free “Mutators” Update Coming in November

by DBFig
Rocket League has just announced a free update coming in November that will throw in a bunch of variables to game modes. They have called them “Mutators” and they will change the way some games are played entirely. Obviously the mutators are entirely optional, but there is a lot in this free update that may be fun to play around with in casual matches.
So what do these mutators do? Here’s a list:
  • Cubic Mode – Change the ball into a square.
  • Demolition Mode – The ball is now a destructive force that can blow up your car.
  • Moonball Mode – Low gravity mode.
  • Beach Ball Mode – The ball is huge!
  • Plus a lot more variables you can add to games:
    • Change the bounciness of the ball.
    • Change how fast the ball can move.
    • Change size of the ball.
    • Change the type of ball used.
    • Adjust the weight of the ball.
    • Change how much boost cars get.
    • Adjust the power of boost.
    • Change the gravity in match.
    • Change how long a match is.
    • Set a score limit.
    • A Pinball mode will be added.
    • Change the respawn timer.
    • Add slow-mo to the match.
    • Add a time warp effect.
To add to the excitement of all these modes being added, at the end of the trailer they hinted at what the December update will entail. All we know about the December update is that it is ice themed, and you can change the ball into a hockey puck. So, excited about the update? Let me know in the comments!


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