World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Release Date Leaked Ahead of BlizzCon

Expansion dated for Fall 2016.

The release date for Blizzard’s upcoming World of Warcraftexpansion, Legion, has been leaked online just a day before BlizzCon kicks off. The date was spotted online in an image hosted on the website which reads, “Expected game release on or before September 21st, 2016.”

The image also details some pre-purchase bonuses, including a Level 100 character boost and early access to the new Demon Hunter hero class. A standard edition of the game will be priced at $49.99. On top of that, the digital deluxe edition will include an in-game mount, pet, and digital content for Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 for $69.99.

World of Warcraft: Legion was first announced at Gamescom in August this year. The expansion will raise the level cap to 110 and introduce a new class called the Demon Hunter. Legion will add a host of new content including a new continent titled The Broken Isles, new customisable artifact weapons, and new dungeons and raids. The expansion will also revamp the player-versus-player progression system.

The beta for World of Warcraft: Legion starts this year. Players can sign up to participate on the website. For more details on what’s new in Legion, check out our previous coverage.




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