Black Ops 3 makes Half a Billion Dollars in Three Days

Well, it looks like the latest Call of Duty is a huge hit. How much of a hit? Well, Activision just reported that the latest title in the Call of Duty series – Black Ops 3 – has so far made over $500,000 in just three days. This is up significantly from the last two titles. Sales are not just up on the retail side, but also the digital side. Activision reports that game sales on digital have almost doubled from last year’s game.
In even more surprising news, Black Ops III managed to move 164,716 copies in Japan! A place were the game was normally not that popular. Yet, it has managed to be the best selling game of that week out there. I do have to mention that the PlayStation 4 has been the platform of choice out in Japan. So the vast majority of those sales are on that platform.
So, have you picked up a copy? Let me know in the comments!



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