New Free Xbox One/360 Games With Gold Games Now Available

Grab two more games on Xbox One, or one on Xbox 360.

We’re now in the second half of November, and that means new Games With Gold games are now available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

With two games having gone away yesterday, there are now two new ones to take their place: one for Xbox One, and one forXbox 360.

On Xbox One, the new freebie is Knight Squad, which makes its debut today. On Xbox 360, it’s Dungeon Siege III, which–as with all Games With Gold 360 titles now–is playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Knight Squad will remain free until December 15, while Dungeon Siege will only be available until the end of November. Xbox One games you download through Games With Gold are free to play for as long as you remain an Xbox Live Gold subscriber; Xbox 360 games are yours to keep forever.

Follow the links below to grab the current free games.




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