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Star Wars Battlefront Performance Analysis Examines PS4, Xbox One Versions

by genio

Things are looking good overall on both consoles.

Ahead of Star Wars Battlefront‘s launch tomorrow, a technical analysis has been released for the game’s two console versions that shows mostly positive results.

Digital Foundry has examined both the PS4 and Xbox Oneversions, although the PS4 tests have so far been limited to 30-player matches that took place during a review event. As such, there is the potential for some changes once the game is available.

Based on the video it captured, however, it looks as if both versions are in good shape. As with the most recent Battlefieldgames, the PS4 version runs at a higher resolution (1600×900 compared with the Xbox One’s 1280×720). DF reports anti-aliasing allows the PS4 version to “look surprisingly clean for a sub-native game,” while the Xbox One version looks better than the Battlefield games, but not up to par with its Sony counterpart.

Performance-wise, DF found “a very steady 60 frames per second for the vast majority of the duration” on PS4, comparing it with recent technical accomplishments like Halo 5 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Again, however, this was in 30-player matches.

With the Xbox One version fully playable through EA Access, we can see how Battlefront runs at the most stressful times. The report describes it as “somewhat less stable than PlayStation 4 but ultimately still very smooth.” There are some times where the framerate drops into the mid-50s, but this is still an improvement over the beta earlier this year, when the framerate could sometimes drop all the way into the 40s.

Both versions appear to manage their framerates by liberally stripping details away as you get further away from objects. “Battlefront aggressively culls objects and crumbs from view while level geometry is dynamically adjusted based on proximity–a situation that applies to both console versions of the game,” the report says. “It can appear distracting at times, particularly with a higher vantage point, but it’s the kind of trade-off necessary in order to hit the target framerate. We saw many of these same limitations in the aforementioned Halo 5 and Metal Gear Solid V as well, it’s just the reality of targeting such a stable level of performance.”

For the full technical analysis, head over to Digital Foundry.

Battlefront launches tomorrow, November 17, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We’re waiting until after the game is live on public servers to publish a review, but you can check out some of our early thoughts here now.


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