Onimusha Meets Dark Souls in Team Ninja’s New PS4 Action Game

Dark Souls meets Onimusha.

During Sony’s PlayStation Experience event today, the company confirmed Ni-Oh, the third-person action game from Team Ninja, is coming to PS4.

Ni-Oh was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 launch title back in 2004, but the game never released because of development problems. However, Sony showed more gameplay today, showing the game’s Dark Souls-esque combat in a dark world a la Onimusha.

The gameplay followed the protagonist as he dodged enemies and attacked from various angles. The environments and combat both suggest Ni-Oh will take place in a dark landscape with a historical aesthetic, lending the game a seemingly mature tone.

Sony has yet to announce a release date for Ni-Oh, but stay tuned to GameSpot for more news.

In the meantime, you can watch the PSX keynote here, and head over to our PlayStation Experience hub page for all of the announcements, interviews, and previews coming out of Sony’s event this weekend.




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