Street Fighter 5’s Final Launch Character and DLC Fighters Revealed

Meet F.A.N.G. and the gang.

At Sony’s PlayStation Experience event Capcom revealed the final launch character for the upcoming Street Fighter V, and the identities of the five characters joining the game post-launch.

The new fighter,F.A.N.G., is second in command of M. Bison’s Shadaloo organization and has unique appearance and demeanor. During the new gameplay trailer, Capcom depicted F.A.N.G. utilizing a strange form of kung fu against the various other characters.

Capcom has described the character as “an assassin whose unique poison attacks leave him second only to M. Bison himself.”

“Besides overseeing Shadaloo’s operations, his true passion comes from the evil experiments conducted within Shadaloo’s research facilities. F.A.N.G introduces a series first mechanic; poison. Whenever his poison attacks connect, they continuously deal damage to the opponent’s life bar until he gets hit or the poison runs its course. F.A.N.G’s sinister long range attacks and slippery movements, paired with his ability to poison, will leave his opponents feeling ill.”

Fang’s V-Skill is called Nishodoku. When executed he throws a slow moving poison-filled projectile. On contact, it slowly deals damage. His V-Trigger, Dokunomu, creates a poisonous cloud around his body that deals damage to the opponent as long as they’re near him.

Leaving aside any DLC fighters, F.A.N.G. is the final character that will launch with Street Fighter V’s release, rounding out a roster that Capcom has slowly revealed over a period of months.

Furthermore, Capcom confirmed the six characters available with the Street Fighter V season pass, which were unofficially revealed in a leak earlier this year. The full season pass lineup can be seen in the image below:

According to Capcom Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien are all earnable through gameplay for free. Those that want to get them immediately can purchase the 2016 Season Pass, which is available to pre-purchase now in North America.



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