Destiny Adding Pay-to-Level Transactions

Bungie has decided to bring even more options for Destiny players to give them money. Players in the UK noticed on the PlayStation Store an ‘Upgrade Pack” that allows you to auto level your character to level 25. Destiny currently has a max level of 40. 
This was listed for £24.99, the items are valid for each of the game’s three classes: warlock, hunter and titan. This equals about $37.89.
The listing has not appeared on any other marketplace, and may have been a leak on the PlayStation UK Store. Yet, now that we know it is coming, do not be surprised for it to so itself everywhere else.
When Destiny: The Taken King released it did give players the option to auto-level to 25 for one character. At that time, Bungie stated that no pay-to-level options will be available, and none were planned. That this was a one time thing so players can jump directly into the DLC if they wished.
Obviously this has changed. World of Warcraft does have this mechanic currently. Where players can pay $60 to boost a character to level 90.
Destiny has already introduced micro-transactions in the form of purchasing “silver” for real world-money, which allowed players to acquire in-game cosmetic items like emotes. No official word yet on the pay-to-level mechanic from Bungie at this time.
So, would you pay to level your guardian? Let me know in the comments.


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