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Final Fantasy 9 Coming to PC and Smartphones

by DBFig

Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC

SquareEnix announced today that the PlayStation One classic, Final Fantasy IX, is finally coming to PC. Not only PC, but it is coming to smartphones as well. This is great news for those who haven’t had a chance to play this game. Final Fantasy XI was on the PlayStation Store as a PSone Classic, but that is it. This will be the very first time this title will be playable outside of a PlayStation device.
At this time, SquareEnix has not given the press a release date, or price for the port. Yet, they did provide a trailer for the announcement which is above. By the look of things, this will not be a HD Remake of any type. It looks like it may be a port of the version you can download from the PlayStation Store now. Which many fans may see as a good thing, considering the recent port of Final Fantasy 6 to PC, that was panned for the bad handling of pixel graphic smoothing. So much so, that modders created new textures to improve the aestheticĀ of that game.
So, are you excited for Final Fantasy 9 finally coming to PC and Smartphones? Let me know in the comments!


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