Pay $10, Get 10 Tom Clancy’s Games and Access to The Division Beta

Start the new year off with some cheap Tom Clancy’s games and support charity.

The latest pay-what-you-want Humble Weekly Bundle has started, this one focusing on Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s series. For the next week, you can get a lot of Tom Clancy’s games (as well as access to The Division‘s upcoming beta) for not a lot of money–and you’ll be supporting charity with your purchase.

As with past Humble Bundles, there are multiple tiers, with more games unlocked as you spend more. It’s also worth noting that these games must be redeemed on Uplay for Windows only.

System requirements for all of the games are available to see here.

You also get to decide where your money goes. This week’s charity options include Extra Life and Operation Supply Drop. You can also send a tip to Humble itself if you want.

At press time, people have bought more than 15,000 bundles, generating in excess of $140,000. Head to the Humble Bundle website to learn more and start shopping.

Humble Weekly Bundle Tom Clancy Encore:

Pay $1 or More to Unlock:

Pay More than the Average ($9.31) to Unlock:

Everything above, plus:

Pay $10 or More to Unlock:

Everything above, plus:

Pay $75 or More to Unlock:

Everything above, plus:

  • The Division (when it’s released)
  • The Division t-shirt
  • Coupon for 66 percent off up to any three Ubisoft games in the Humble Store (excludes preorders, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Anno 2205).




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