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Mortal Kombat X – Enhanced Online Beta Signups Start Soon

by DBFig


Netherrealms Studios has just announced that signups for an Enhanced Online Beta for their hit fighting game Mortal Kombat X will start Tuesday. Mortal Kombat X online play has been bemoaned for very shoddy online play, and looks like the guys at Netherrealms Studios listened to the complaints.
The new netcode will be a reworked version of the ever popular GGPO netcode. A netcode used in many Capcom Fighting games today. This netcode is considered a rollback netcode. Which, in very simple terms, rollbacks gameplay when lag is detected. The GGPO netcode is considered one of the best out there, and modified versions of the code have made its way in many types of online games.
Starting Tuesday, the beta will be available to those who have over an hour of online play. This signup will be limited, but if you qualify, head on over to beta.mortalkombat.com to sign up. Only four characters will be available in the beta at launch. The four characters will be; Scroption, Sub Zero, Jacqui Briggs, and Johnny Cage.
Hopefully this fixes a lot of the online issues that has plague this title since launch.


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