Final 16 Teams for Halo World Championship Set; Prize Pool Now $2.5 Million

After several months of grueling practice, intense competition and many hard-fought battles inHalo 5: Guardians on Xbox One, it’s finally come down to this: 16 teams from around the world will compete in the biggest Halo esports competition in franchise history – the Halo World Championship (HaloWC). In case you missed the news from this weekend, we’ve got you covered and ready to begin the countdown to the grand finals on March 18 – March 20!

Final 16 Teams Set for the Halo World Championship

At the Halo World Championship: North American Regionals, the top 16 teams from the U.S. and Canada engaged in a pool play series to determine who would get to go to the world championship next month. With only eight qualifying slots available, the tournament would see half the teams continue their march to the finals while the other half would see their dreams end in Columbus. Several storylines played out during the tournament: OpTic Gaming’s valiant efforts to beat hundreds of teams in the Last Chance Qualifier would be for naught as the still freshly minted team lost to rivals Triggers Pound and Team Allegiance. Meanwhile, Team Liquid got its revenge on Renegades after a disappointing showing at X Games Aspen and EnVy was eliminated, leaving behind long-time veterans “iGotUrPistola,” “OGRE2,” “Mikwen” and “Arkanum.” However, the biggest story of them all would be the rise of Denial eSports, a team consisting of almost entirely new pros “Huke,” “Bubudubu,” “ContrA” and “PreDevoNator.” Seeded at number 11, Denial would go on to defeat Team Liquid and top seeded Allegiance before pushing Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) to a six game series, with CLG coming out as winners of the North American Regionals.

With the conclusion of the last regional tournaments, the final 16 Halo World Championship teams are now set to compete in March. These teams are: Team Allegiance (NA), Counter Logic Gaming (NA), Evil Geniuses (NA), Team Liquid (NA), Noble eSports (NA), Renegades (NA), Triggers Pound (NA), Denial eSports (NA), Epsilon eSports (EMEA), FabE (EMEA), exceL (EMEA), Team Infused (EMEA), Team Immunity (AU), Team Exile5 (AU), Skyfire (Asia) and Chosen Squad (LATAM).

Halo World Championship Prize Pool Lands at $2.5 Million

Since we first announced a starting prize pool of $1 million at gamescom 2015, the winnings for the Halo World Championship has grown immensely due to community crowd-funding via the Halo 5: Guardians REQ System. The final prize pool is now locked and players will compete to win their slice of $2.5 million at the Halo World Championship. And if being the best Halo team in the world wasn’t enough of an incentive, this might be: the first place team will take home a total of $1 million – the biggest individual prize pool in console esports history.

The Road to the Finals Ends in Hollywood, CA

For anyone who has been eagerly awaiting to watch the Halo World Championship in person, look no further! The Halo World Championship will be hosted at in Hollywood, California, with the exact venue to be announced on March 4. Be sure to follow Halo and HCS on Twitter (and tweet #HaloWC!) or head over to for more information about the Halo World Championship.



Twitch Announces TwitchCon 2016

Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, today announced TwitchCon 2016. With a new date and location, this marks the return of the premier convention dedicated to the culture and community of Twitch’s gaming and creative broadcasters, partners, developers, and viewers.

It’s on like TwitchCon! TwitchCon 2016 comes to San Diego Convention Center on 9/30-10/2 #TwitchCon2016

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  • What: TwitchCon 2016
  • When: September 30 – October 2, 2016
  • Where: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
This follows the event’s successful inaugural showing in September 2015 where 20,000 attendees descended upon San Francisco’s Moscone Center. TwitchCon 2016 will once again provide an opportunity for Twitch’s community of broadcasters, viewers, and developers to network, participate in live events, learn from platform and games industry experts, and do face-to-face what Twitch fans do best: interact, play games and create together.
“Our amazing and passionate community of broadcasters, developers and fans made the first TwitchCon a massive success,” said Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch. “This year, we will be expanding our footprint and building all new experiences to ensure TwitchCon 2016 is even more compelling.”
More details about TwitchCon 2016 will be revealed in the coming months, including an initial schedule and call-for-content.


Ready for more Just Cause 3? Well, the first DLC packaged entitled SKY FORTRESS lauches March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and high end PC and holders of the AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass will be able to play it a week before is goes on sale as a standalone download. Check out the Sky Fortress trailer above.
“If Just Cause 3 is over-the-top action then the Air, Land and Sea Expansion pass aims to stand on its shoulders and reach even higher,” said Tobias Andersson, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. “An incredible amount of time has been spent ensuring every new item is fully integrated into the main game and can be used during existing missions. Rico’s new Bavarium Wingsuit will fundamentally alter the core gameplay of Just Cause 3 and we can’t wait to see the crazy stunts that players perform with it.”
SKY FORTRESS contains a brand new set of missions that introduce a new threat – a huge and terrifying Sky Fortress and an army of deadly robotic drones. To tackle his deadly new adversary, Rico Rodriguez will use a new upgradable, rocket-powered, weaponised ‘Bavarium Wingsuit’ fitted with shoulder mounted machine guns and auto targeting missiles – alongside his new ‘Eviction’ personal defence drone and ‘Bavarium Splitter’ assault rifle.
The second pack in the Expansion Pass entitled LAND MECH ASSAULT will contain another new series of missions that introduce a unique new vehicle that can be carried over into the main game; a heavily armored mech armed with a gravity gun that allows objects to be picked up and powerfully thrown in any direction. Although the mech is as strong as a tank, it is highly maneuverable and agile and behaves unlike anything else in the game.
The AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass concludes with the BAVARIUM SEA HEIST – details of which will be revealed in the following months.
The SKY FORTRESS pack will be priced at $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.49 whilst the AIR, LAND & SEA Expansion Pass is available for $24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99. All three content packs will be available before the end of summer 2016 and released one week early to Expansion Pass holders.
So, are you ready to cause more chaos with Rico? Let me know in the comments!


Rocket League Rockets Onto Xbox One

We hope you weren’t doing anything important with all those hours in your day, because Psyonix’s “soccer-meets-driving” multiplayer extravaganza Rocket League has made its Xbox One debut today and it is glorious. Ever wanted to play soccer, as a car, that’s wearing a hat, and driving up walls, and flipping all over the place with crazy rocket boosts? How about doing all that in a Halo– or Gears of War– or Sunset Overdrive-themed car? Well, we’re happy to say that your wish has been granted.

The long-awaited Xbox One version of Rocket League – already a big hit on Windows PC – was made possible by co-developer Panic Button Games and the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. For a mere $19.99, you get the base game, along with three awesome downloadable content packs: Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run.

And that’s in addition to the aforementioned selection of exclusive Xbox-themed customization items. Here’s the full list:


Halo HogSticker (an alternate version of the Warthog)

Gears of War Armadillo (the famed Armored Personnel Carrier)


Gears of War – Armadillo

Gears of War – COG

Halo – Puma


Gears of War – COG Symbol

Gears of War – COG Tag

Gears of War – Locust

Halo – Guilty Spark

Halo – Insurrection Rebels

Halo – New Mombasa Cavaliers

Halo – Swords of Sanghelios

Sunset Overdrive – Fizzie

Rocket Trails

Gears of War – Imulsion

Sunset Overdrive – OverCharge

All in all, the Xbox One version of Rocket League feature 18 Battle-Cars, more than 400 different customization items, six maps (all with multiple game mode variants), and a ton of online and local multiplayer options. And if you’re feeling especially nostalgic, you can even pick up the“Back to the Future” Car Pack for just $1.99, which gets you a sweet in-game DeLorean Battle-Car.

Rocket League is a critically acclaimed masterpiece and an insane multiplayer phenomenon, with a community of more than 11 million dedicated players. It was one of the biggest hits of 2015, and we’re proud to bring it to you on Xbox One. So grab your copy today, get out there, and turbo-dash into some giant soccer balls!