YouTube Gaming Region, Mobile, and Website Updates

YouTube Gaming came out with great fanfare, but then hit a pretty big roadblock. It was up against the live streaming powerhouse that is Twitch TV. Then at launch, YouTube Gaming failed to deliver the experience many have been accustomed to having with Twitch.
Well, YouTube has been working behind the scenes to change that. Their last update focused on making it easier for 3rd party companies to create alert systems or other addons for the service. Which is a big deal since currently the offerings for alerts systems via YouTube Gaming are very parse. Twitch Alerts are already using this change to its advantage, and have started their project YouTube Alerts. You can sign up to be notified when it is ready here.
Today, YouTube Gaming announced a few more updates that will hopefully bring more gamers to stream on their service. One of the biggest is that they are officially allowing more regions into YouTube Gaming. While people from outside the United States could stream to the service, sadly YouTube Gaming was limited in visibility to many regions. It is now available in the regions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Which should open up its reach a lot.
There are some noteworthy updates in terms of mobile, and he website. They consist of:
  • Homepage navigation: Say goodbye to the sidebars! We’ve simplified the homepage to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Game and channel browsing: We’ve added pages for you to manage your games and channels, plus discover new ones.
  • Dedicated live destination: You’ll find a new “Live” tab on the homepage that brings together top streams, top games, and streams from channels you’re subscribed to.
  • Android live playback: Our Android live stream player joins iOS and the HTML5 desktop player with an upgrade to support quality switching, 60fps playback, and DVR mode.
  • Pop-out player: On Android, you can now pop out the YouTube Gaming player to keep it visible above other apps on your device.
Hopefully these changes keep coming. These are things that should have been there from launch, but I feel that YouTube is taking the methodical approach to this. They hope the YouTube brand will keep people interested in the service, and over time win them over as they refine the site. Let’s just hope they keep updating due to feedback.



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