Report: Nintendo May End Production of Wii U by End of 2016

The Nintendo Wii U may be ending sooner, rather than later if a report from Nikkei is to be believed. The Nikkei is one of Japan’s major financial reporting agencies. Occasionally they tend to be wrong, but for the most part they tend to correct or mostly correct when they put out reports like this.
According to the report, Nintendo has already suspended production on many Wii U accessories. Which is already a bad sign, but they are also reporting that Nintendo is heavily considering to stop factory production on the Wii U itself by the end of 2016. If true, it seems that Nintendo is moving quickly to their next console which is currently code named, the Nintendo NX.
Yet, it is still very confusing. Even during a new console cycle for a system, the production may slow, but never just cease. Only time will tell how much of this is true, but it seems pretty evident with many of the reports as of late that Nintendo is ready to move on immediately with their next project.

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