Street Fighter V Trailer (Fan Made) Shows Off Alex

Looks like it took a fan to do what Capcom oddly enough has not done. Create a trailer for the highly requested Alex from Street Fighter III fame. This trailer shows off pretty much all you need to know about Alex. He shows his basic moves, and his ultimate attack. One thing that it shows is that his trademark elbow crush is back. This was something fans were worried about since the images that first were shown didn’t have this move in it. This would have completely changed how Alex is played.
Alex is available now due to the anticipated patch that Capcom promised would be coming. The patch added the shop option to spend earned ‘Fight Money’ on costumes, and Alex. It also addressed some issues in regards to training mode, and lobbies. While Street Fighter V is still very bare bones, this patch is a very welcomed thing. Let us hope the patches keep coming.




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