Wargaming: Richard Sherman & Bobby Wagner Crush Stuff in Tanks (PAX West)


Wargaming came for war this year at PAX West.  They brought out a tank and destroyed tons of stuff (Panzer III and T-34-95).  To makes things interesting they invited out Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner to help with the destruction.  This event was free for attendees to watch.  Items to be crushed include pianos, drum sets, porta potty, bubble wrap, couches and more! With free giveaways, tank rides, photo-ops and t-shirts for PAX-goers.  Richard and Bobby hurt my soul when they ran over a 49ers helmet.  The sound and the look almost brought tears to my eyes… Well not real tears, but it was painful as a 49ers fan to have a Seahawk fan rub it in.  lol


Amazing job by Wargaming!
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