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Twitch Streamer Makes Millions From Home Playing Video Games

by Mr. Nobody
There is a lot of money to be made in live streaming on Twitch.  A popular Twitch streamer can make hundreds of dollars daily live streaming for just a few hours.  When I heard there was a streamer making thousands of dollars I had to check him out.  His stream was LIT!  This streamer had one of my favorite rap groups “Three 6 Mafia” playing in the back ground and I admittedly hit the follow button.  Having some classic rap will get me to stay in any stream hours.  Who is this streamer?

Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana

Michael Santana, best known as the League of Legends gamer handle Imaqtpie, is a rockstar in the gaming industry and has the numbers to prove it. He is the number one Twitch streamer with 4-5 million viewable hours per month and is revered & loved by his fans. What makes him so entertaining to watch is his laid back attitude and great taste in music.  Never judge a book by its cover because this guy is a millionaire.  That’s right guys, imaqtpie generates over 2 million dollars a year in income just off of his Twitch stream alone and that doesn’t include the income from sponsorship’s, endorsements, brand deals, etc. This 24 year old retired, I repeat, retired gamer gets paid at least 7k to play just one hour of a video game. Imaqtpie used to make approximately 30k a year when he played pro Esports and now he makes enough to take care of a small village. There’s been a recent surge of interest from NBA teams wanting to capitalize on this emerging billion dollar esport market with the 76ers basketball team being the first and many are following suit. It’s rumored that multiple NBA teams are scouting Imaqtpie as well as other esports players. We’ll see what’s to come for the future of esports. What is even more interesting is that Imaqtpie rarely leaves his home and was able to create a multi million empire all with a flick of his finger. Despite the success and fame, Imaqtpie is a still very humble and hasn’t let any of it change who he is. He still wears his favorite Costco brand white t-shirt and sweatpants everyday with a pair of Nike shoes he won six years ago.  Wow!  I’m now a fan of this guy.    He has a crazy work ethic, humble, laid back and great taste in music.


Michael “imaqtpie” Santana was in the headlines again this weekend when him along with a few other major streams was signed to Everyday Influencers.  Everyday Influeners is a management house devoted to seeking out top content creators and fostering a culture of innovation, engagement and strategic vision. Focused on managing digital profiles of influencers with a wide array of talent including but not limited to arts, gaming, lifestyle, music, and sport.  Everyday Influencers is also producing Twitch’s #1 Talk Show, Beyond The Rift, hosted by imaqtpie and Scarra, delivering ESPN’s Mike & Mike-style analysis to Professional E-Sports and Gaming. Airing live every Thursday at 2PM PST on imaqtpie’s Twitch stream.”  I cant wait to check this out.
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