Someone Made The Mini NES Classic Console Before Nintendo (Did Nintendo Steal His Idea?)

On Jul 27, 2016 Daftmike posted a video showcasing his Raspberry Pi Mini NES Classic Console.  Recently Nintendo released their version of the NES calling it the “NES Classic Edition.”  Both of these Mini NES are amazing, but it seems that Nintendo got the upper hand.


Daftmike Mini NES Classic
  • Smaller controller
  • Made with Raspberry PI (Gives you the option to really control your NES)
  • Very cool mini games to collect (He made with 3d printer)
Nintendo Mini NES Classic
  • Better controller
  • 30 games preloaded
  • limit to what you can do


No, Im not trying to compare the two, but I just wanted to point out some of the good and bad in both.  Im sure Draftmike would sell a lot of his versions of the Mini, but we all know Nintendo dont like anyone playing in their pockets.
What do you think about Draftmike version of the Mini?
check out the complete build in details here-
This is a demo of my Raspberry Pi ‘NES Classic’ build.
You can see photos, more details and code here:…

Update video:
Update #2:

Electronics kits are now available for pre-order, details here:…

Build Guide Update:
Build Guide Part 1:
Build Guide Part 2:


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