How To Save Big On The XBOX One S? (Top 5 Money Savers)

Sony Fanboys would say (Just dont buy it)
Its that time of year where we look for the best deals on gifts for ourselves, friends and family.  Here is my top 5 money saving tips when shopping for a XBOX One.
  1. Which Bundle Should You Buy?  Storage space is the most important feature on the Xbox One or One S.  Dont let a 1TB bundle make you over spend.  You can find a 1TB extranel drive for a cheaper price
  2. Charge Kit:  It might seem like to much money, but this will save you more money in the end
  3. Preview Program: Its not a lot, but you do get some free stuff.  Beta and ingame content
  4. Xbox Live Gold:  Each month Gold Member can download free games from the dashboard.
  5. EA Access:  By far one of the best things to have on your Xbox One.  The EA vault is fulled with tons of amazing games.


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